Why It Is Necessary To Have Attractive Homepage

The Homepage is considered as the most important page of a website. It is mandatory to design it in a fascinating manner in order to attract the visitors. The logic behind this is that it is considered as a receptionist at the house who works on 365X24X7 basis without taking any salary. Another logic to have an appealing homepage is that the visitors don’t have much time, so you have to impress them within a flick of a second. As per belief, if they find your website appealing, then only they spend time on your web. The more they spend time, the more will be the chances of call for action.

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The importance of a homepage can also be estimated from its functions.

  • Attract Visitors
  • Turn Them Into Potential Leads
  • Solve All of Their Queries

Some important points that designers must keep in mind while designing the homepage.

Manifest Business

The main aim of the visitor is to gather information from your website. So, it is mandatory that your homepage perfectly reflects all the details about your business. It should provide thorough information about the products and services of the organization. This helps in increasing the interest of the visitors. If the visitors get whatever they are looking for on the website, then they will certainly spend some time on your website.

Logo & Header

As per rule, the area above the fold is of utmost importance. So, the designers use an impressive logo of the organization to spread a trust among the visitors. The header should contain all the relevant information that a visitor is looking for, in the website.

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Perfect Designing Symmetry

The designing should be done is a symmetric manner. The colors, images, background and font size of text, all these things should be used in order to provide an amazing browsing experience. This will help in keeping the visitor on the website for more time.


Don’t forget to use infographics. This is basically providing information in the form of images and banners. These have a long lasting effect on the mind of the people. Use attractive banners and images that perfectly match the theme of the organization. This will certainly help in improving the business prospective.

One should keep these points in mind in order to design an appealing homepage. An appealing homepage will certainly help you in getting better results in terms of revenue generation. It is the tendency of the visitor to spend more time on the website that has an appealing layout and designing pattern. So, attractive design is certainly a very important thing.

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