Google Shopping Is Coming To India

Google search will now feature a shopping tab and a separate shopping home page. India is the first country to get this home page. This can dramatically affect different factors operating in the e-commerce sector of India. Stepping into this huge market of online shopping, Google has played a big bet here.

Currently dominated by Amazon and Flipkart, this online sphere of e-commerce is ready to be changed now. The best thing about this new feature is that it is also going to support Hindi other than conventional English.


Google expects to attract all kinds of retailers through this new feature in order to tap a strong consumer base. So, brace yourself for this tech-giant company’s arrival in the online shopping landscape.

Other than employing sophisticated machine-learning, this service will also be available through Google Lens. You can just click picture of a product and Google will automatically search for that product online giving you the best deals.

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