6 Facts About Website Designing That Will Blow Your Mind

Different Web Browsers Render Websites Differently

A website could not be open similarly on each and every web browser. You should always recheck your website responsiveness on multiple browsers.  For instance, you might be having a perfect design at your side but it might look ugly on your friend’s safari on iPhone. How could it be possible for a website to look so different across multiple web browsers?

It actually depends on the way that web browsers render the codes and display it on your screen. Some web browsers load all the codes in a very specific order while others are not able to recognise them easily. Web browsers could become tricky for you to provide a great experience to visitors. Therefore, you would need professional web designers to make your life easier. These people are able to find HTML and CSS issues to make your site fully responsive. Hence, investing few bucks to get highly Responsive web design is not a really bad idea.


Premade Layout Designs Might Get You In Trouble

If you are not a coder to design your site by yourself, you could fall in love with various website templates. These pre-packaged templates might help to design a site with little to no knowledge of coding. Nonetheless, your company could lose credibility by depending heavily on these layouts. It is also possible that you would have to hire some Digital Marketing Agency in future for SEO and SMM hassles. In short, a custom web design through professional designers can help your organisation and your customers to have a pleasant online experience.

How Much It Will Cost You For A Professional Web Design?

Good web design can cost you somewhere in between $500 to $5000. Are you shocked at this price range? So you should first consider the amount of time and effective brainpower that goes into making the content fully responsive across browsers, optimizing website for search rankings and improving overall website speed. Designers often use specific software and robust tools to make sure that your website code works well.

Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Web Designer

Choosing the best Website Designing Company for your site could be a hassle because there are thousands of web designers out there. You should first recognise their experience in the market. Someone having a 1 or 2 years experience can’t provide a professional service. After that, you must have a look at their portfolio. It means you can ask them to show some of their recent projects. It will help you to understand what kind of quality they would provide.

Remember That Every Web Design Is Not SEO Friendly

You must have heard about SEO friendly website which means creating your website easily accessible and understandable by various search engines. If you are thinking to create an online business in 2019, you must ask your web designer for an SEO friendly design. They will minify HTML and CSS codes to load pages faster. Make your website fully responsive which means your site should open perfectly on different screen sizes such as mobile, tablets and laptops.

Matching Colour Theme Palette is Essential To Attract Customers

Colours are the essence of life. You should always take care of your website colour scheme. Accurate use of matching colours can help your site to attract more customers while unnecessary or unmatched colours can make it ugly. You must use eye-catching colours with perfect shadings to make it look cool. Nobody loves too dark colours which force us to close our eyes.


Designing a beautiful website is a crucial process to create online sales. Many people rely on pre-made website templates to easily design their websites. However, depending on these pre-packaged layouts can get you in trouble. You should always hire a professional web designer to create a fully responsive and SEO friendly website.

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