Redesigning Your Website? Avoid These SEO Destroying Mistakes

Redesigning your website can bring certain surprises and all of them will not be good. At Web Click India, as a leading Website Redesigning Company In Delhi, we have seen many people who come to us after getting the shock of losing their top-ranking on SERPs. This shock is the direct result of redesigning the website and when it is not done right from the point of SEO, the ranking is bound to fall down. It is always better to take the needed precautions instead of regretting later. Consider these during or before redesigning your website:


  • Crawlable Development Environment – When you are working on the new design, don’t commit the common mistake of leaving your development environment crawlable. This results in two indexed versions of the same page.
  • Deleting Pages – A huge part of redesigning is removing the things that are no longer needed. An inexperienced designer might delete some pages and you can lose all the links that are directing to that page. Don’t forget to redirect the pages to the new site.
  • Changing Image Names – Don’t randomly go about changing the names of the images. Use informational names that can express the nature of the image.
  • Complete Function Check – Once you are done with the designing process, perform a comprehensive function check to ensure that every feature is working fine.

This is not an exhaustive list and there are more things that need to be taken care of while redesigning the website. We are the Best Web Design Company In India and if you don’t want to commit these mistakes, come to us and we’ll do a flawless job for you. Contact us to discuss more.

It’s Time To Redesign Your Website – Powerful Reasons To Prove That

Designing a website is not enough to run an online business, you need to maintain it regularly, so, it never creates any trouble and matches its step with the modernity. Therefore, redesigning your website is the first and foremost thing you need to do. It works as a game changer for your business and attracts billions of customers to it. If you think redesigning a website is a waste of time and money, so, you are living in a myth. Here are the reasons to prove that it’s high time your website need redesigning, so, take a look.

redesign-your-websiteYour Web Pages Takes Too Long To Respond: One of the common problems faced by the visitor is the loading time of your website, which immediately changes their opinion to be your customer. If you are also in the same boat and your web pages take a lot of time to load, so, go and consult a reliable Website Designing Company in Delhi that provides web redesigning services and boost up your website speed now.

Your Website Isn’t Responsive: Nowadays, a mobile-friendly website is a must and if you don’t have the one, so it’s a signal redesign it immediately. Otherwise, you end up losing a number of customers and opportunities and someone else takes its benefits.

Your Website Is Not Secure Enough: If you ever detect any suspicious thing in your website, so, redesign it shortly. Otherwise, it may affect the security of your website and an unsecured website is affecting the decision of a customer and decreases your conversion rate.

Poor Web Design: You should redesign your website if its design is outdated and don’t have enough sparks to hold the attention of its visitors.

So, why wait anymore? Web Click India a leading Website Development Company in Delhi is right here to help you with this. We assure to redesign your website that exceeds your expectations.