Content Marketing – How To Do It?

Content is important and so is its marketing to distribute it everywhere possible. Without its promotion or visibility, your content is just a piece of context which has no value in the eyes of  Google. Therefore, the time you put in writing a great piece should also be extended with the right method of its marketing. To know the right way, scroll down below.  Being a leading Website Designing Company in India, we understand its worth and here to introduce you with the same. So, let’s get started to know the effective tips and make them work for your business.1_3ozQ1LJajpkFnFVClFVa8g

  • Don’t Take Social Media Marketing For Granted: If you want to gain the best possible exposure for your content, you should spread it on every possible social platform. It’ll help you gain credibility and better results.
  • Guest Posting: It’s another way that can help you in content marketing. It’ll basically increase your visibility among a wider audience and open up the door of more opportunities that proved to be beneficial for your business in the long-run.
  • Comment Marketing: People mostly don’t consider it as important and useful, but it has the ability to deliver effective results. To get positive outcomes, make sure you have picked the right platform and words to do the same.

In short, Content Marketing is important and cannot be ignored at any time. If you want to run a successful Digital Marketing Campaign, you should not leave any point or topic halfway. As a prominent SEO Company in Delhi, Web Click India is here to help you be on top of Google. So, to get our support, contact us today. Drop an enquiry from the website or make a direct call now.

6 Facts About Website Designing That Will Blow Your Mind

Different Web Browsers Render Websites Differently

A website could not be open similarly on each and every web browser. You should always recheck your website responsiveness on multiple browsers.  For instance, you might be having a perfect design at your side but it might look ugly on your friend’s safari on iPhone. How could it be possible for a website to look so different across multiple web browsers?

It actually depends on the way that web browsers render the codes and display it on your screen. Some web browsers load all the codes in a very specific order while others are not able to recognise them easily. Web browsers could become tricky for you to provide a great experience to visitors. Therefore, you would need professional web designers to make your life easier. These people are able to find HTML and CSS issues to make your site fully responsive. Hence, investing few bucks to get highly Responsive web design is not a really bad idea.


Premade Layout Designs Might Get You In Trouble

If you are not a coder to design your site by yourself, you could fall in love with various website templates. These pre-packaged templates might help to design a site with little to no knowledge of coding. Nonetheless, your company could lose credibility by depending heavily on these layouts. It is also possible that you would have to hire some Digital Marketing Agency in future for SEO and SMM hassles. In short, a custom web design through professional designers can help your organisation and your customers to have a pleasant online experience.

How Much It Will Cost You For A Professional Web Design?

Good web design can cost you somewhere in between $500 to $5000. Are you shocked at this price range? So you should first consider the amount of time and effective brainpower that goes into making the content fully responsive across browsers, optimizing website for search rankings and improving overall website speed. Designers often use specific software and robust tools to make sure that your website code works well.

Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Web Designer

Choosing the best Website Designing Company for your site could be a hassle because there are thousands of web designers out there. You should first recognise their experience in the market. Someone having a 1 or 2 years experience can’t provide a professional service. After that, you must have a look at their portfolio. It means you can ask them to show some of their recent projects. It will help you to understand what kind of quality they would provide.

Remember That Every Web Design Is Not SEO Friendly

You must have heard about SEO friendly website which means creating your website easily accessible and understandable by various search engines. If you are thinking to create an online business in 2019, you must ask your web designer for an SEO friendly design. They will minify HTML and CSS codes to load pages faster. Make your website fully responsive which means your site should open perfectly on different screen sizes such as mobile, tablets and laptops.

Matching Colour Theme Palette is Essential To Attract Customers

Colours are the essence of life. You should always take care of your website colour scheme. Accurate use of matching colours can help your site to attract more customers while unnecessary or unmatched colours can make it ugly. You must use eye-catching colours with perfect shadings to make it look cool. Nobody loves too dark colours which force us to close our eyes.


Designing a beautiful website is a crucial process to create online sales. Many people rely on pre-made website templates to easily design their websites. However, depending on these pre-packaged layouts can get you in trouble. You should always hire a professional web designer to create a fully responsive and SEO friendly website.

Semantic Search Optimization – Getting Future-Ready

Search engines such as Google and Bing have evolved over the years drastically. Their working has become more sophisticated and dependent on several factors rather than just a few. These search engines regularly come up with updates in their search algorithm to counter the attempts of gaming the system. This is the major takeaway of any blog post or article that you will read on SEO. Any company that provides SEO Services In Delhi will tell you that it is always a better strategy to solve problems through your content instead of trying to get around the set parameters of a search engine.voice-search-main-image (1)

Ultimately, Google wants to give its users what’s most relevant for their queries. If you continue to provide the content that’s relevant to the users, you will never experience any major setback in terms of rankings on SERPs. Semantic search is an attempt at Google’s part to show results smartly without matching the exact keyword. The search intent becomes a major contributing factor and having the exact keyword in your content isn’t that big an advantage as it used to be.

Remember, this is the future as Google searches will become more and more focussed on intent as the technology evolves. Follow these tips to optimize your content better for the semantic search:

  • Thinking Beyond Keywords – Think more about the topic you are writing about instead of stuffing the keywords in it. Evergreen guides cover the entire topic, and keywords just become secondary in that case.
  • Related Keywords – If you include related keywords in your content, it means you are covering the topic comprehensively without focussing solely on a few targeted keywords. It naturally makes your content better in terms of relevancy.
  • Structured Data – Help Google in categorizing your content by providing more contextual information. Putting it in a specific category or providing the name of the author falls under this data.

Following these simple tips can make you better equipped for semantic search and more importantly, ready for the future developments in search engine algorithms. Web Click India is a renowned Website Designing Company In India and if you want to take our services, visit our website or just contact us directly.

Relevance Of Structured Data In SEO

You don’t need a reason to fall in love but if you need SEO has all the valid points that make you fall for the structured data.  When a new web page or website is created, search engines find difficulty in reading it and understanding specific elements. Structured data helps in these problems as it is added directly to a page’s HTML markup. Search engines like Google and Yahoo make use of the structured data to generate rich snippets, which are small pieces of information that will then appear in search results.
Relevance Of Structured Data In SEO

Not everyone understands the importance of it while forming a website and to such people, disappointment is nothing new. But Web Click India is poles apart from these “so-called experts” and knows the value of unique content, visuals, structured data and what not. Due to the elite SEO Services In Delhi that we have provided to our esteemed clients, we have built goodwill in the market.

Importance Of Structured Data For Search Engines:

  • It’ll help search engines understand the site’s name, address and phone number better.
  • The visibility of the website will surely increase within various search engines and you will notice a higher ranking in a short period.
  • It makes the content reach the targeted audience easily.

Want to experience the benefits of structured data? Get in touch with us as and, you will realise why we are known as Best Web Design Company In India. Your project will be beautifully crafted by the creative brains working at our company and the result will make you say ‘WOW’. Call us to know more.


Points To Keep In Mind While Registering A Domain Name

A domain name expresses the identity of your website; it is the name that will be representing your site as long as it is running. Hence, it is very important to choose a domain name carefully. Web Click India is known as the Best Web Design Company In India and our team of professionals will help you to choose a domain name that is SEO friendly and makes your website more visible as compared to your competitors. There are few things that you need to keep in mind while selecting a domain name, these are:

Points To Keep In Mind While Registering A Domain Name

  • History: When you choose a domain name, please look if the name was previously being used or not. Sometimes, a domain is available because it was used and it expired due to any reason. It could have a negative impact on your ranking.
  • Easy: Confusing or tough to remember domains won’t be helpful in any way. Your clients could get confused easily and misspell the domain, if that is not what you wish for, give your domain an attractive yet simple name.
  • SEO-Friendly: Websites are meant basically to promote the business online, but if the domain won’t be SEO-friendly, it would not fetch you many viewers.
  • Trademarks: Do not give your domain a name that is very much similar to a trademark. Because Google strictly prohibits the use of trademarks in a domain and it could result in your site being blocked.

Web Click India SEO Services In Delhi, to enjoy the benefits of our services, call us now.  We book the domain name according to the need of your business.


Why Is City Wise Promotion Important?

City Wise Promotion Important- Web Click India

Promotions are very important to the growing businesses as through the use of right strategies, one can add wings to their enterprise. There are different ways to advertise about a company and, it’s products or services. A wrong advertising decision can lead to troubles regarding waste of money, time and manpower. Web Click India is a renowned Web Development Company In India that aims at promoting the clients’ work on the Internet through various strategies. One such approach we use is City Wise Promotion.

What Does The Term Mean?

When we talk about promoting something digitally, it opens the geographical barriers at such an extent that a business based in Europe can be known to the people in Asia. But, to many companies, this feature is not of much help. They want their products and services to be promoted locally, in the city they deliver it. At such situations, City Wise Promotion is the best plan to opt for. It stands for the advertisements done on the local level, limited to the city chosen by the client.

Web Click India provides the most awesome SEO Services In Delhi and uses the keywords that will promote your business locally. It has benefitted a huge number of clients. If you wish to take the advantages of our splendid services, contact us now.

Redesign Your Website Successfully With This Process

The digital industry demands are constantly changing and if you are a business owner you might be at a moment in your journey where you need to redesign your website to make it up-to-date with current industry standards. Any Web Development Company In India will tell you that there is a process of redesigning your website but that process may differ for you and the designing company. We will tell you what you need to ensure as a business owner to make sure that you successfully redesign your website on a strict timeline. Follow these 3 steps:


  1. Research And Goals – Do your research, what you would want your website to looks like? Tell your designers the font, colour scheme or any other website from which you want to take your cues for redesigning your website. Also, you should have some goals in your mind you want to achieve with this redesign like increasing conversion rates or a better structure.
  2. Design – Don’t be afraid to ask questions from your designer and know about their process. It is also important to remember that the website is for users and not for you. So, think from their perspective.
  3. Launch – Check everything comprehensively before launching your website. After getting live, check how you are performing on the goals that you set initially.

Web Click India is the Best Web Design Company In India and if you are looking to redesign your website, we would like to inform you that we have a process which creates only the most eye-pleasing and highly functional websites. Call us to avail our services.