4 Tips To Improve User-Experience Of Your Website

Your website has the capability of becoming the most powerful asset of your company and the main focus around which all your marketing efforts revolve. In today’s rapidly changing marketing landscape, your website can look old and outdated even if you updated it recently. Any Web Development Company In India will tell you that redesigning is the way to go in such a case but if your website’s navigation features and aesthetic value is still intact you can focus on improving user-experience with these tips:

Tips To Improve User-Experience Of Your Website

  • Well-Designed Headings – Write headings and content that are focussed on the search-intent of your customers. If they are searching for responsive design, include it in your headings and content.
  • Consistency – Matching the heading sizes, colour scheme, illustration style, font choices etc. can give a sense of consistency of style and look to your website. A coherent design will make users feel that they are interacting with a brand.
  • Bullets – Adjust your content to the attention span of the visitors and allow them to quickly scan over the content by writing in bullets. It makes for an easy reading and gives important information in no time.
  • Calls To Action – Attractive and visual calls to action are part of a better design. It helps in easy navigation and leads your visitors to the right pages.

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Top 5 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes You Should Not Fall For

2016-05-12Needless to say, Content is the king of your website. This is an essential part of your marketing strategy. You are not able to retain the interest of your customer unless; you don’t have a good stuff on your site for their reading. This is not only important for the knowledge purpose, but also helps to give them a reason to come back to your site. No doubt, you are a good writer, but there are so many mistakes which everyone makes that could be killing the marketing strategy. Don’t you want to know what are the common content marketing mistakes you are falling for and how can you avoid them? If yes, so what’s more, are you waiting for? Have a look below to know more about it.

Maybe you are focusing on quantity, not quality: One of the biggest mistakes made by most of the writers is that they are focusing on quantity rather than the quality. Your content marketing strategy only works if you are focusing on the both quality plus quantity.

You are not marketing your content: It is an important part of branding and if you ignore that then you are missing a lot. You should start avoiding this mistake. On the off-chance, you are not marketing your content, then it will never get the chance to bring in new followers or readers, which in result a big loss for your website.

Not understanding your audience: Another biggest mistake made by most of the writers that they are not able to understand what actually audience wants to read. If you don’t know your audience then, you are not able to fulfill their demands. So, always keep in mind that your content marketing should provide information about the products or services to the targeted audience.

Not developing your own style: Have you also copied your content from someone else post? It’s good to take help or suggestion, but that really doesn’t mean you copy the whole content and post it by your name. So, before it’s too late, start to avoid this blunder, otherwise, it is not only harmful to your marketing, but also destroying your writing career.

Forget to include visual effects: No doubt, a photo can attract the person more efficiently than the content and if you really want that your visitor shows their interest in your content, so, you should post some picture related to your topic, which can easily grab their attention and give an eye-catching look to your post. So, don’t forget to include images in your content.

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