Tips To Build SEO Friendly Landing Pages

If terms like ‘SEO’ and ‘Landing Pages’ are new to you, then you surely are not much related to the world of digital marketing, but Web Click India is the king of the domain and thus, remembered as the leading providers of SEO Services In Delhi, India.

So, let’s start from the description of the terms and then we will discuss the necessity of the relation between both.

  • SEO – It is short for Search Engine Optimization and can be defined as the practice of increasing the number of viewers to your website through organic search engine results.
  • Landing Pages – In terms of online marketing, it can be called as a web page that serves the entry point to a website or a particular section to a website.

The Relation – Usually, the landing pages are not SEO optimized and it could do okay if they are purposely made to serve only a little time over the internet. But, if you are planning to make the page stay for a long time, then you shall go for optimizing it. SEO optimized landing pages will have more visitors, and it is an exemplary step to enhance your branding.

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Now, when you know why you shall optimize the landing pages, here are quick and short tips to help you in the process.

  • Publish landing pages on your domain
  • The URL of landing pages shall be optimized
  • Make the use of keywords
  • Optimize content, images and videos
  • Get backlinks of your landing page from different sites

With these brilliant tips, you are ready to make your rankings shoot like a rocket. Our company doesn’t have dexterity only in SEO promotion, but also we are ace players in creating jaw-dropping websites and called as the preeminent Web Development Company In India. Dial the number displayed on the screen and get moving towards success with our support. Don’t worry, we won’t let you fall.

Relevance Of Structured Data In SEO

You don’t need a reason to fall in love but if you need SEO has all the valid points that make you fall for the structured data.  When a new web page or website is created, search engines find difficulty in reading it and understanding specific elements. Structured data helps in these problems as it is added directly to a page’s HTML markup. Search engines like Google and Yahoo make use of the structured data to generate rich snippets, which are small pieces of information that will then appear in search results.
Relevance Of Structured Data In SEO

Not everyone understands the importance of it while forming a website and to such people, disappointment is nothing new. But Web Click India is poles apart from these “so-called experts” and knows the value of unique content, visuals, structured data and what not. Due to the elite SEO Services In Delhi that we have provided to our esteemed clients, we have built goodwill in the market.

Importance Of Structured Data For Search Engines:

  • It’ll help search engines understand the site’s name, address and phone number better.
  • The visibility of the website will surely increase within various search engines and you will notice a higher ranking in a short period.
  • It makes the content reach the targeted audience easily.

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4 Tips To Improve User-Experience Of Your Website

Your website has the capability of becoming the most powerful asset of your company and the main focus around which all your marketing efforts revolve. In today’s rapidly changing marketing landscape, your website can look old and outdated even if you updated it recently. Any Web Development Company In India will tell you that redesigning is the way to go in such a case but if your website’s navigation features and aesthetic value is still intact you can focus on improving user-experience with these tips:

Tips To Improve User-Experience Of Your Website

  • Well-Designed Headings – Write headings and content that are focussed on the search-intent of your customers. If they are searching for responsive design, include it in your headings and content.
  • Consistency – Matching the heading sizes, colour scheme, illustration style, font choices etc. can give a sense of consistency of style and look to your website. A coherent design will make users feel that they are interacting with a brand.
  • Bullets – Adjust your content to the attention span of the visitors and allow them to quickly scan over the content by writing in bullets. It makes for an easy reading and gives important information in no time.
  • Calls To Action – Attractive and visual calls to action are part of a better design. It helps in easy navigation and leads your visitors to the right pages.

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Redesign Your Website Successfully With This Process

The digital industry demands are constantly changing and if you are a business owner you might be at a moment in your journey where you need to redesign your website to make it up-to-date with current industry standards. Any Web Development Company In India will tell you that there is a process of redesigning your website but that process may differ for you and the designing company. We will tell you what you need to ensure as a business owner to make sure that you successfully redesign your website on a strict timeline. Follow these 3 steps:


  1. Research And Goals – Do your research, what you would want your website to looks like? Tell your designers the font, colour scheme or any other website from which you want to take your cues for redesigning your website. Also, you should have some goals in your mind you want to achieve with this redesign like increasing conversion rates or a better structure.
  2. Design – Don’t be afraid to ask questions from your designer and know about their process. It is also important to remember that the website is for users and not for you. So, think from their perspective.
  3. Launch – Check everything comprehensively before launching your website. After getting live, check how you are performing on the goals that you set initially.

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Top 3 Reasons To Choose PHP In Website Development

Are you looking for creating a high quality yet cost-effective method for the web development? There are many users of PHP who are happy with the results. PHP is a language which is used to develop a website in a cost effective manner. You can invest in the PHP website development without keeping second thoughts in your mind. Web Click India is the best PHP Website Development Company In Delhi which offers various types of website development and designing at the affordable rates.

Why Do You Need To Choose PHP Website Development?

php-blog-1170x600_cDatabase Interaction: While designing a dynamic website PHP web development is the right choice for your website. The exchange of the information with PHP database interaction is quite easier than other development options.

Cost Effective: We all are worried about the web development cost whenever we think of designing a new website. PHP program runs on Linux which is absolutely free. The database connectivity is less expensive in comparison to the other website programs.

Maximum Control: While installing a language it is important to have a complete control on it. PHP provides you maximum control over the website and it doesn’t require any long tedious script like other programming languages. PHP is an open source which is readily available for editing the website anytime you need.

Web Click India is a Website Designing Company In Delhi which provides you best services for all the web related issues. They have an elite team of the professionals who are best at their work and wholly dedicated to the customer’s preference.

Principles Of A Professional Website Design

Want to hold the attention of your buyer on your website for a longer time? Want them to stay on your website and buy stuff? For sure, your answer is “Yes”. Because this is the main objective of your online business, right. But, making this dream successful, what you exactly need to do? Don’t know here are some useful insider tips for a professional website design you cannot afford to miss. If you think that it’s not your cup of tea, so, don’t hesitate to consult a noted Website Designing Company in Delhi.

slide_2Keep It Clean And Clutter-Free: You have to understand as much the fashion the trend of web designing also changes on a constant basis and to rule the online world you have to meet your steps with them. Today’s trend is simplicity, so, while you design a website make sure it look simple and have a smooth navigation with a professional look that attracts the customers.

Make Content Easy To Read: Content is very important for your website and it can only hold the attention of its reader if it is interesting and look attractive as well. It’s a simple method, if you write a single paragraph in a font that is hard to understand, so, who put their efforts to read it. Make sure to add it in a way, so, it pleases the eyes and then the brain.

Optimize Your Image: Speed of your website is an important factor that affects the user-experience and if the image on your website is of high weight, so, it may definitely decrease its speed. Make sure you add images on your website after optimizing it for web spiders.


Overall, the principles mentioned above are easy to follow. So, don’t ignore any of them. For professional assistance, hire the talented team of web developers or contact Web Click India a leading Website Development Company in Delhi that is always ready to offer its web designing services at a budget of a shoestring. Feel, free to post your requirements, we are here to fulfill them.

Tips To Remember Before Hiring A Website Development Company

A website is an essential form of business in any sphere because it is recognition of the company. As these days, we can see the thing that everybody is flattering with net surfing for everything. Likewise, if you need a cloth so you don’t need to worry to go to the shop even though you can buy easily from the e-commerce website. These are easily accessible and time-saving as well. This makes no choice for entrepreneurs to go through website designing company. Tips To Remember Before hiring A Website Designing Company which help them to create a new one. As according to new technology that oppresses everyone in the field of online surfing. This may lead to many benefits for an entrepreneur and help them to create a long-term relationship with the customers.

There are many things which need to be noticed by the entrepreneurs while creating their website by the website development company.

Professional logo: A logo is the identity of the business. This may alone introduce the company in a rush. So it needs to be specified and elegant.

Visibility: If you really want to grow your business, then the first thing you need to do is to make yourself visible to your customers. This can be possible by giving a chance to the website development company.

Website Designing Company in Delhi

Web promotion via social Media: Social media is like a platform to promote your business. Everyone using the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. and this may create a link between the customer and the industrialist.

The customer knows detailed information: The website not only contains product information, but it also has complete details of the company. This will help the customer to find out their satisfied company.

Uncomplicated navigation: That means if any customer search for the product and service so they can’t find any difficulty. This may lead the customer to leave a website without spending a simply one minute. Therefore, you need for a navigating system in a familiar form.

Hue strategy: This is also becoming important because when you making a website so it seems to be perfect with hue design and combination. If the background has a dark color so it would possible to have a light color of text or you can see this with your taste.

For goodwill: If an entrepreneur serving a good quality of the product so it signifies its quality of the company which helps to create goodwill in the market.

Tips to remember while choosing the web development company which reliable in the newly emerging society of the web world for the entrepreneurs.